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One who constantly feels the need to put their unnecessary two cents into a discussion, especially in a classroom environment. Derived from the way such people sound to those around them. Oftentimes these people find themselves extremely clever and funny, a feeling that is usually not shared with the nyuck's classmates. Nyucks are similar to herbs.
So the professor was teaching us about economics when this stupid nyuck raised his hand and said, "Nyuuuuck well I feel like McDonald's is a great example of supply and demand because fat people demand a lot of it and they like to consume the supply nyuuuuuuuck hahahaha!"
by maxthndr March 23, 2007
Are ya goin for a nyuck?
Aye hold on a minute sham!
by MGMT89 September 24, 2008
head, normal state of mind
He was off his nyuck after eating those mushies
by Claire October 10, 2003