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It is well-known she is constantly craving sex, far more than regular women, almost, and sometimes surpassing the sex drive of men. It is almost certain that she is also extremely sexually active. Although her habits are well-known she is picky in her selections, so is not to be confused with a whore or slut. Whenever she stares blankly it can be safely assumed she is thinking about sex.
Commonly known by men as "hitting the jackpot"
see that girl at the bar- shes totally nymphomous, shes always wanting for sex, but surprisingly doesnt just give it up that easy, i wouldnt call her a slut really.
by b|tcht|tt|es July 07, 2010
Having a reputation for being extremely dedicated to nymphanity.
The difference between Martha Stewart and Kim Kardashian. Martha is FAMOUS Kim is NYMPHOMOUS.

Who doesn't want to be rich and nymphomous?
by Mejenish January 07, 2012

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