To get the info on the nympho.
JEFF T: Did you get the nymphomation?

JEFF G: Yea, her name is Amy. She will do any good looking guy or gal as long as they are clean.

JEFF T: So, what did she say?

JEFF G: She told me to go get tested at the Health Department. If I'm good, she'll do me. But, I told her I'm happily married.

JEFF T: No, what did she say about ME!

JEFF G: She said reduce your body fat to under 20% and she'll do ya. After the Health Department check, of course.
by Lil' Layme June 10, 2006
Top Definition
Contact information such as a name, phone number, email address etc. typically scrawled on a match book cover or a napkin. This information is generally obtained from a girl (hopefully a nymphomaniac) that you met at a bar the night before.
A: Did you get that chick's number that was grinding on you last night?
B: Indeed I did. She provided me with all the necessary 'nymphomation'.
by Bryan Gilbreath January 27, 2009
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