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Used as a way of saying 'so there'
Person 1: I removed a contact lense case form a plughole

Person 2: I removed a contact lense from there, so nyer
by Jason Slowe September 18, 2004
An abbreviation used to describe a New Yorker, online or whenever written.
On a forum: Yeah, it's great being a NYer.
by Mad Love August 30, 2012
the word said when something bitchy has happened. or when your about to say someting really fucked up.
Me: DAHHH, No thanks mate.
Festy: Ur such a cunt, go fuck urself.
Me: Nyer sorry mate, im a bit fucked up in the head. hehehe
Festy: Nyer wtf does that mean ya festy?
Me: looks like were both a bit festy mate =]
Festy: Nyer guess ur right.
by festycamfhdsjkahklsdf July 31, 2008
especially said by girls

to entertain the princess
I am so nyer, so entertain me.
by vishy and anarkali April 26, 2005