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An abbreviation used to describe a New Yorker, online or whenever written.
On a forum: Yeah, it's great being a NYer.
by Mad Love August 30, 2012
Used as a way of saying 'so there'
Person 1: I removed a contact lense case form a plughole

Person 2: I removed a contact lense from there, so nyer
by Jason Slowe September 18, 2004
the word said when something bitchy has happened. or when your about to say someting really fucked up.
Me: DAHHH, No thanks mate.
Festy: Ur such a cunt, go fuck urself.
Me: Nyer sorry mate, im a bit fucked up in the head. hehehe
Festy: Nyer wtf does that mean ya festy?
Me: looks like were both a bit festy mate =]
Festy: Nyer guess ur right.
by festycamfhdsjkahklsdf July 31, 2008
especially said by girls

to entertain the princess
I am so nyer, so entertain me.
by vishy and anarkali April 26, 2005
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