Some odd creature pooping out a slightly discolored rainbow while repeatedly screaming nyan to an addictive tune. Can be used as an insult
Yu fucking nyancat!;! Stop screaming mommy

Look at that bird chirping through the air. Hell, it could be Nyancat cat
by strakerak December 29, 2011
A cat traveling through space with a poptart as the body, with a rainbow coming out of its ass. Just says nyan over and over. It's cute at first, but gets annoying. Go to to see how long you can stand the nyan-ing for.
Nyan cat is annoying.
by blahburbuttox April 22, 2011
1. A cat shoved in a pop tart flying through space shitting rainbows
2. The true meaning of homosexuality
Whats better than a double rainbow, a double nyan cat.
by captain falco November 14, 2011
a special cat with the ability to morph into a poptart and shoot rainbows out of its ass while flying through space...forever
Nyan cat is awesome.
by Elmo18 April 22, 2011
A disturbingly enthusiastic and adorable Poptart cat that shoots rainbows out of its ass while continually singing a very obnoxious but addicting song. NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN ALL DAY LONG! Has been know to treat certain types of madness and increase hormonal levels in people under the age of 10.
"I was able to watch that Nyan Cat video for 5 Hours, and now have a considerable amount of brain damage!"
by NYANNEONFVR June 02, 2011
A viral video, a meme... It consists of a flying pastry cat and rainbows coming out from "behind".

The song is a random Japanese song... Some people make parodies, such as American Nyan Cat (and play music that fits)...

Tacnayn is the "enemy" of Nyan Cat... The opposite. It's a black waffle cat. The Nyan Cat music is played but only backwards.

It is a viral video and several people have made 3 - 24 hour versions.

Jacob listened to Nyan Cat today. He wanted to know why it's cool and why everyone in his school is talking about it.

JACOB: Why is my internet so slow?
JACOB: Epic!

The next day... Jacob went to school...

TEACHER: Ummm... Jacob! Why don't you tell the class what you got for number 4?
JACOB: Nyan nyan nyan?
**class laughs
TEACHER: Huh? Please just explain how you got number four and what you got!
TEACHER: This is not a joke! >:(

Explanation: Nyan Cat made Jacob crazy as f*ck.
by Lichens August 30, 2011
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