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The world's most lovable (Or annoying) cat! A Nyan Cat is a cat head with a strawberry poptart for a body. It floats through space whilst shooting rainbows from it's ass. Also know as the "Poptart Cat"
Guy: Hey dude, check out this awesome thing I found!
*Enters "Nyan Cat" in Youtube*
Guy: I love this!
by Larcondos April 28, 2011
The phase where a guy has the need to sleep all day for several days. This could be due to a breakup, they constantly have nothing to do, or they're just really lazy.

Similar to Bears and other animals where they sleep for the winter.
Bob: Have you seen Dave lately? I haven't seen him in a bout a week!
John: Yeah, he's in his Guybernation phase.
by Larcondos July 10, 2011
The best damn upcoming band from Canadia!
Guy: Hey man, have you heard that awesome enw band called Wise Young and King?
Other Guy: Yeah! They rock!
by Larcondos May 02, 2011
One who finds the unbearable urge to wave at everyone he/she sees.
A kid at his new school waved to everyone he saw, and never said a word. What a willed waver.
by Larcondos June 15, 2011
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