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NWM is an abbreviation for No Worries Mate or No Worries Man.

NWM is a friendlier form of NW (No Worries). Use it to signify that everything is OK or sorted out at the end of a discussion.

BTW, "mate" here refers to friend or buddy, i.e., the Aussie meaning.
Q: Is everything ready?
A: Yup, nwm.
by scruzin October 09, 2010
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An abbreviation for the term: Niggas With Manners
Yo homie, im rolling with the NWM, "Niggas With Manners!"
by My name is Symon February 15, 2009
Abbreviation for: Niggers with money. Generally used to describe the eccentric habits of nouveau riche African Americans.
African American 1: That nigga Kentrell just got a zebra striped Ferrari.
African American 2: N.W.M... nigga... N.W.M.
by KentrellLee February 16, 2012
No worries mate
Thanks for the heads up.

Response: NWM
by badjohnnybad February 20, 2009
NWM "Nobody Wuves Me" used to describe something that you get nothing for.
"No one replied to my thread NWM!
by Kcps April 08, 2009
shortcut for nevermind
X: can you help me?
Y: what?
X: can you help me?
Y: what?
x: nwm...
by N0N0T August 27, 2010
The need of money only to buy weed. One might sell an i-pod or x box for this money if they need weed badly.
Me:"Dude, i got your ex's i-pod for $40 because she NWM"
Friend:"I NWM more then her"
by music_dude101 August 30, 2008

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