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verb: to perform a task exceedingly well; To succeed over another person.
I totally nwankoed your ass in Halo last night!
by Sister Mary Alice November 20, 2009
24 1
Verb describing when a male ejaculates across a fire causing a hot flaming cumshot to penetrate someone across the fire.
I finally tried the famous nwanko at our church bonfire and it actually works! My dad loved it!
by Sister Michael December 13, 2009
13 3
equivalent to "can you". The etymology is the famous Nigerian footballer's name, Nwanko Kanu. Thus, in a manner similar to cockney rhyming slang, an alternative way of saying "can you" is derived.
Nwanko get out of my way, you tramp.
by Rafe June 25, 2005
4 21