A term most typically used in online FPS gaming by a player after they repeatedly crouch or squat in a dunking action over a wounded or dead opponent's face to simulate the act of T-Bagging.

This act is generally seen as very humiliating, and is the ultimate insult to another player.

In some online gaming clans - such as Enemy Territory's, The Nut Tribe Warriors - it is often used as an extremely effective tactic to distract and demoralize opponents, causing them to "Tap-Out" earlier than normal and await a new spawn in order to avoid getting T-Bagged.

The term is also used as a general derogatory comment after owning another player.
*After several t-bag dunks on an opponent, a player might say*...."NUTTED." or "You've been NUTTED bitch."
by Money $hot November 13, 2010
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to ejaculate semen at the height of sexual activity
After a few minutes of stroking, he nutted into her hand.
by Joey B. Goode August 04, 2003
To ejaculate very large quantity of semen.
"She told him not to come on her face, but he nutted ion her."
by Davd January 17, 2004
squirted cum/sperm on a girls face or body.
oh man dude, i nutted on her!
by emmedawg July 09, 2009
(British Isles) A vicious head-butt.
A: I saw Gary the other day.
B: What did you do?
A: I fucking nutted him.
by superdavelite July 11, 2011
To remove the testicles of man or beast.
I was visiting my uncle's farm when he nutted some piglets with his pocket knife.
by sternhead December 27, 2010
the process of being injured in the testicular area, AKA YOUR BALLS
Awww fuck, little Jimmy got nutted on the monkey bars...
by _-=AnThRaX-=_ March 18, 2003
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