A methamphetamine derivative cut with Nutmeg and common in the King Count, WA skateboarding community. It is smoked by coating a childs marble with the powder and using a marijuana pipe or pop can.
"Want to smoke some of that nutt?"
by Bwikified September 24, 2006
Top Definition
To ejaculate or cum (bust a nutt). The sperm thats left after you have ejaculated.
I didn't have a condom so I was hittin it raw dawg and had to pull out. There was nutt all over her sheets when I was done.
by Kurt91 June 08, 2004
It is the 'Testicles' of a male otherwise known as 'balls'.
After dat bitch gave me a deepthroat, my nutts were so warm.
by JD587 October 10, 2006
Something or someone that is dope
Man that car is straight nutt !
yo did you see the fight? it was straight nutt!
by Ridge what February 20, 2011
A head-butt
"He nutted him in the face"
"Shut up or I'll nutt you"
by Gabez November 29, 2009
Good sex
Yo I had a great nutt last night with that bitch
by AC January 31, 2004
a person who sleeps with his cousin in law
david was drunk and was immediately drawn to the woman across the smokey dance floor bedded her that evening only to find out he had inadvertantly become a nutt
by thomas b walker November 03, 2006
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