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1. n. A person who engages in homosexual behavior.
2. n. syn. sausage-fest
3. adj. prep. of or relating to a dirty, smelly ball-sack.

nutstack: v. Engaging in homosexual behavior related to same-sex oral sex.
Person 1: "John is so gay."
Person 2: "He is such a Nutstacker."

Person: "The guy to girl ratio in here sucks, its like 3 dudes to 1 girl. Such a nutstacker in here."

Person: Ew what's that smell in here? Smells like a nutstacker."
by Oober Noober April 07, 2011
A homosexual male
Person 1: I saw Andrew making out with Gary
Person 2: What a couple of nutstackers
by soadtool March 16, 2010
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