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Noun - (nuh-t-sahk) - When clothed the nutsock is the area between the testicles and the leg which, when combined with the waistband of the pants, can hide a bottle of alcohol.
Ben - "How will we get this kick ass handle of Stoli into the circus?"
Chris - "Stuff that bitch in your nutsock, man!"
Ben - "You're the best friend in the world!"
by Mr. Magic Molly Moll June 24, 2009
11 4
A nutsock is a sock in which you repeatedly masturbate into, until it is all crusty and rock like and continue to throw it at the bitch that has driven you to crust up the sock to that degree, knocking her out.
Girl: "Eww why the hell is this sock rock hard and crusty"
Guy:" It's a nutsock, I need it cause you're a fat ass bitch and that sock lets me nut inside it"
by Falcon691 May 21, 2013
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