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Someone, usually a woman, who is both mentally unhinged and promiscuous.
That Rachel's such a nutslut: I wouldn't let her within a mile of my fiance.
by Sparky Williams April 27, 2006
15 3
A Female that loves to give oral pleasure. A girl that would give head more then 3 times a day to diffrent people.
Samantha is a total Nutslut
by T.H.C January 24, 2006
13 3
A slut who loves nut;A name to call a crazy friend who loves boys.
Look at that nut slut hanging with all of those boys; Hey nut slut!
by Red Lollipop April 13, 2009
4 1
When a girl is a really nuttyweird and slutty , a beg to boys and always wants the d
Boy 1 - 'heard you've been texting Katie'

Boy 2 - 'no way she's a nut slut , won't leave me alone'
Boy 1 -'#nutslut'
by Bethogiuffo May 06, 2014
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