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In ancient Roman culture, Nutsak (from the Latin adjective Nutsakis, "fruitful, blessed, happy, lucky") is a condition of divinely inspired productivity, blessedness, or happiness. Nutsak could encompass both a person's well being, and luck or good fortune. The divine personification of Nutsak was cultivated as deity . Although Nutsak may be translated as "good luck," and the deity Nutsak shares some characteristics and attributes with Nutsako, the two were distinguished in Roman religion. Nutsako was unpredictable and its effects could be negative, as the existence of an altar to Mala Nutsako ("Bad Luck") acknowledges. Nutsak, however, always had a positive significance. Nutsak appears with several epithets that focus on aspects of his divine power.

Nutsak had a temple in Rome as early as the mid-3rd century BC, and during the Republican era was honored at two official festivals of Roman state religion, on Septermber 1 in conjunction with Plano and October 15 as Nutsak Nutsako. Nutsak continued to play an important role in Imperial cult, and was frequently portrayed on coins as a symbol of the wealth and prosperity of the Ancient Empire.
Nutsak I want to thank you for all you have done for me and all that you will continue to help me do in my life. I want to ask that you give me the strength that I need to make it out of this difficult moment in my life. All I ask is that through your power and blessing that I am able to fulfill my potential as a person. Amen!
by Robert O'neil December 21, 2016
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