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1. A city in Wisconsin
2. A mans overgrown pubs
1. Dude, we just passed through nutbush
2. When my girl was givin me head she told me to get rid of my huge nutbush
by Eric January 13, 2004
when u have a poo and a bit of 'clink' gets stuck in your anal beard. it is now a 'nut bush'
oh man i just pooped and a bit of poo came out and i have given myself a nut bush
by nut bush bob August 06, 2011
the best dance EVER. many people have sung this song, one of them being Tina Turner. it is a really really really GREAT dance and I urge you to learn it. it makes line dancing rock tothemax!
"Let's do the nutbush!"
by Courtnez Sept February 09, 2004
1. small town in western Tenessee, supposed early home of Tina Turner.
2. classic disco track from the mid 70's
3. current merkan President.
"You're almost as crazy as the fundamentalist warmonger Nutbush"
by moony July 20, 2004
slang for the town of North Branch, Michigan.
a small town that has 4 people in it and 2 cows.
AND the greateset school in the world, NBWA.
Barry: dude, our school is playin in Nut Bush tonight.
larry:careful you don't get lost, it is such a metropolis
by juan tito martinez July 28, 2008
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