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1) a biscuitty thingy peoples eat in England.
2) an STD similar to crabs, but like, different.
1) I will eat your soul for brunch with tea and crumpets!
2) Holy hell, that whore gave me crumpets!
by moony November 18, 2003
Bad guys from Doctor Who that look like silver-colored human-shaped robots.
Watch out, the Cybermen are trying to take over.
by moony July 20, 2004
An indominable Colonel.

Etyomology: The removal of the superfluous syllable "bat;" a bastardization of a bastardization of Greek
And when Klamson isn't around, everyone else should be asking, "Where's Klamson?"
by Moony December 17, 2004
1. small town in western Tenessee, supposed early home of Tina Turner.
2. classic disco track from the mid 70's
3. current merkan President.
"You're almost as crazy as the fundamentalist warmonger Nutbush"
by moony July 20, 2004
A mis-shaped scrotum.
Yeah I have a gunny_snipes.. I was born with it.

After that bike accident, I was diagnosed with a gunny_snipes.
by Moony April 17, 2004
King of the Mountains.
Richard Virenque may be a cheese-eating surrender monkey but he can ride.
by moony July 20, 2004
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