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Nut-busting is when you are busting a nut. Also known as an orgasm or ejaculation.
I shot several loads during that nut-busting!
by theJeremiah July 03, 2005
the act of punching, kicking, or otherwise injuring the balls.
that guy deserves a good nut busting.
by Slightly Noxious August 28, 2006
the act of masturbation
aww, was so funny when we caught ______ nut busting the other day!!!
by Eridactyl June 15, 2009
When you ratchet off a nut on/in a lady of epic proportions.
I was carrying around a pound or so of pudding and I totally transformed into Nut Bustings on m'lady this morning.
by Storm1979 July 26, 2011
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