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When a dog licks a man's testicles which are covered in any variation of peanut butter.
Yo Juwan my dog just totally nut buttered me and it felt amazing.
by slappy patty April 11, 2009
3 2
What a stripper told my dad that she enjoys. She said "I don't like it when guys wash up the area between their balls and ass too well because it gets rid of their nut butter and I like a little nut butter."
Pretty self-explanatory isn't it?
by C.JO June 02, 2004
46 54
1. The act of using sperm as butter on toast.
2. Saved sperm in a jar.

Lily sure loves her nutbutter, yea shes a freak.
by Seg_x January 04, 2008
8 23
semen, cum, sperm, splooge, anything ejaculated from the penis that comes from the nut, or scrotum.
My nut butter went all over josh's face
by matt September 07, 2003
51 67
The milky, somewhat creamy substance found on or around the scrotum and taint meat area after a long days work in the heat. Also see duck butter.
After a long, humid afternoon of mowing the grass, Mitch had some serious nut butter. He needed a shower.
by bshizzile September 15, 2006
13 35
lubricant used for ejaculation
1: yo man i need to throw a beat. got any nut butter?
2:yah man in the bathroom there's some jurgens.
by lmno The Kilzor March 06, 2008
5 29