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Derived from the phrase 'Nun's Cunt', it does indeed refer to a nun's vagina.
back when I had
my first sweet taste of nunt
by Mingus Tourette December 01, 2003
You stupid fucks a nunt is-
A combination of a nigger and a cunt, possibly one of the worst names one can call someone
That nunt left me blue balls three different times
by Mrs R english class November 22, 2009
derived from cunt, meaning vagina, and nigger, meaning a person of the african race. Thus an african vagina
I fucking hate that Andrew because he always is on the look out for some god damn nunt
by Evan February 05, 2005
noun. an ambiguous word to describe whatever you damn well please
Have you had your nunt today?
I prefer yellow nunts.
Have you fed your nunt today?
Hey there is a nunt over there.
Have you seen the little nunt under the bed?
I keep my nunt in a little shoebox.
There seems to be many nunts under the toilet seat.
Nunts are so wonderful!!!!
by Hop 1 February 17, 2004
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