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A nuns clunge
I bet hers is like a nunge
by crazydancemove February 23, 2011
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Another word for nudge, made up by GreenGravy
*wink wink nunge nunge*
WTF I spelled it wrong but who cares.
by Riku October 18, 2004
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an expletive. on sight, causing you to be nauseous. to see something that causes you to become sick.

From my Portuguese grandma, Bernice.
Nunge! the kid's snot is dripping down his face into his mouth!
by Brandon August 19, 2004
5 2
Where one acts in an excited manor and can't get over something
Hey Kaushik, we're going to McDonalds today

Kaushik: "OMG are we, what are you going to get I'm going to get a Double Cheeseburger meal, omg sit next me and we"ll eat together"

Me: "Nunge, stop acting nunge"
by Kgbraaaa July 03, 2012
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