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Derived from the word "mundane", a mun is the author writing for a character in an online RPG. Can also be used as a suffix to denote a reference to a character's player rather than the character. Synonymous with certain connotations of roleplayer, author, player.
"That mun may be an idiot, but I can't fault his playing style."

"Do you think Wren-mun's coming tonight? I want to finish this RP with her."
by Riku December 24, 2003
A cool way to say time
You think its 1337 but its actually retarded
I am not going to piss my pants this tiem
by Riku April 15, 2004
Another word for nudge, made up by GreenGravy
*wink wink nunge nunge*
WTF I spelled it wrong but who cares.
by Riku October 18, 2004
1.) A body wash used mainly by women, or a certain someone at Simpson High School that has no testicles.Meat pie.
We're gonna get clean with some Lucious Peach body wash after we get done felching at Spikes.
by Riku November 14, 2004
a cruel priestiess who fell in love with inuyasha and then tried to take him to hell
by Riku July 18, 2003
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