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1. When you rub cocaine on your gums.

2. When you sniff only a small amount of cocaine.
I just did a phat line, now i'll use the left over dust for a nummer.

i've done a lot of coca, for now i think i'll just do a nummer.
by Red Dog August 01, 2005
Descriptive word for great-tasting foods and beverages.
Being delighted by the aroma of his mom's homemade spaghetti as he entered the house, he exclaimed, "Nummers!!" During dinner, he approvingly muttered the word 'nummers' several times as this has always been his favorite meal.
by Scott Paulson March 02, 2006
adj. Good-tasting, yummy.
That Annie's Mac and Cheese was nummers!
by The Grammar Nazi January 10, 2002
Tasty, enjoyable.
M&Ms are nummers. So is their tube.
by yiffylicious January 17, 2003
When a woman takes a mouthful of chloraseptic (or some other sore-throat remedy) and gives you a blowjob....eventually your member deadens and can stay on longer.
Meg gave me a nummer last night on the hood of my car.
by OddJob666 March 13, 2006