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A colloquial variation on the word nunchucks which was popularized by the 2004 cult classic, Napoleon Dynamite.
I've got awesome numbchuck skills.
by Brandon Eldridge February 10, 2005
Slang for nunchaku, ie, two rods connected by a cord or chain, used as a weapon.
The only man who was able to Numb Chuck Norris's body was Bruce Lee. Then Bruce did a flying jump kick into Heaven because God wanted to learn Jeet Kune Do.
by Chuck Liddell May 20, 2006
the man that you are going to give a blowjob to must eat 10 mentholated sucrets and wait about 30-45 minute
after the wait you may give him a blow job
the sperm was effected by the sucrets and made num so once hitting you mouth it will make you tounge numb and send a tingly sensation throughout the mouth
hope you enjoy!!!
dude last night Tommy took his moms mentholated sucrets and gave me the best time of my life/ best blow job ever!!!! he likes to call it a
by londonbridgesfallingdown February 07, 2009
alternative (correct) spelling of numchuck
"How about a numbchuck," Dana asked Terry seductively.
by Brian Curley January 25, 2008
A beating device comprised of two sticks connected by a chain. Primarily used by the ninjas in order to dominate those samurai pansies.
If you don't shut up, I will hit you in the face with my numbchucks.
by Master Chucnumb May 03, 2006
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