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The epitamy of all flash sites. Originally started in 1996 by Tom Fulp, the site was originally made to showcase his work. These include: FDA, Tellytubbie funland, and Pico, among others. The site later grew, and in it's growth needed more people to help run it. Tom's brother Wade joined, and other programmers and administrators have since come in and gone out. The site has since become a place where anyone can submit flash. Currently, it also includes an audio portal, where musicians can submit music which flash artists can use in their flash for free. Also, it has a bbs, which is a great asset to the site. It now includes such internet phenomenons as All Your Base and badger badger badger. It also includes amazingly fantastic series such as Salad fingers, eskimo bob, xombie, xiao xiao, assasin, miss dynamite, Klaymation, and countless others Some authors that have thier own websites, such as Legendaryfrog or Weebl sumbit much of their flash to Newgrounds, in hopes of attaining more people who will visit their website. Some of my favorite authors are: Knox (for his klaymation), legendaryfrog (for basically everything), jotandjab (retarded animal babies), David Firth (salad fingers series, with a few other outside flashes here and there), iwillpress (foamy), and more than i can fit. If you are looking for entertainment on the internet, Newgrounds comes out on top. Because it is constantly growing with hilarious, amazing, or truly innovative flashes (Interactive boogie anyone?), Newgrounds has years worth of entertainment on one free site.
Tom Fulp, who runs newgrounds, is almost finished with his PS2/gamecube game, alien hominid.
by thegreatmonkey October 28, 2004
the largest fast food chain. idiots are eating too much of the food and got super fat. so instead of excercising and going cold turkey, they sued mcdonalds. what did they do with the money? bought more big macs.
after seeing super size me, i will never eat at fast food restaurants again.
by thegreatmonkey November 19, 2004
Extremely popular manga and anime show, somewhat despised by some american (and japansese) audience, yet still very popular worldwide. The series is the later half of the manga and anime series Dragon Ball. It revolved around Son Goku and his sons/allies in many battles to save earth/the galaxy/the universe. It rose to popularity from cartoon networks largely edited adaptation in the early 2000s. Some people criticize it because of the anime's large amounts of filler, which would slow down the pace of the series dramatically. However, the manga was extremely concise. in fact, 3 anime episodes were sometimes adapted from a single manga issue. Many critics do not understand this, resulting in large amounts of criticizm and hatred. In America it became the first taste of Anime for some people, and therefore can be considered a groundbreaking anime here.
Dragon Ball Z is hated by some people, however, many gripes about the series are superfluous in the face of a well made series.
by thegreatmonkey October 22, 2005
a show that nobody can hate. you either:

a. like it because of its plots full of action, killing, and espionage

b. love it because of its stupid animation and HILARIOUS dubbing, and you may like the plots a bit.

c. like it because if it hadn't been wildly successful nobody would have ever considered licesning more anime for the western world. bow to speed.

d. love the wicked awesome theme song.

if you don't like this show, you are mentally retarded. besides, nobody told you you have to watch this. you can just keep trying to go down on yourself as usual.
go speed racer go! yeah. cool.
by thegreatmonkey October 22, 2005
vastly popular and ground-breaking manga/anime starring master theif Lupin the Third, grandson of the fictional Arsene Lupin (Arsene Lupin was a French book series that was also popular, yet not half as cool as Lupin the Third). The manga was created, written, and drawn by the genius Monkey Punch (his pen name). also known as Lupin III, or Lupin the III. Lupin was a robin hood of sorts, stealing from mostly rich and the evil. His love interest was Fujiko Mine, a girl who would often double cross him but sometimes would confess love to him, although Lupin never scored with her. Lupin's companions, the expert gunman Gigen and the samurai Goyemon (spelling probably wrong) would often help him with his adventures. Lupin was constantly chased by Zennigata, a cop who's life goal was to catch Lupin. Zennigata was named after a Japanese hero, as was Goyemon (possibly Fujiko and Gigen as well). Lupin himself has become a pop culture icon in Japan and worldwide. The manga would often have Lupin fucking women and cursing. It was because of this that it was considered the first "adult" in the non pornographic sense manga, and therefore the first intended for adults anime. truly a great series.
Lupin the Third's up there with Astro Boy in terms of relevance to anime, only he's 50,000 times cooler.
by thegreatmonkey October 22, 2005
a planet that scientists hypothesize is found beyond pluto. we cannot see it due to our meek scientific technology. there are cosmic radiation signals or something being emitted that make other planets orbit right or something like that that pluto cannot cause, so therefore there must be another planet doing it.
"we will one day find planet x"- some scientist.
by thegreatmonkey February 14, 2005
a flash video submitted to newgrounds on december 6th, 2004. it scored relatively low, until site owner tom fulp put it on the front page. it then achieved major success as a hilarious flash video, and although it gained this success too late to win any awards, it still gained a score higher than 4.10 since december it has achieved more than a million views. it has been featured on vh1, cnn, and stolen from newgrounds by at least 80 other websites. and this is only after 2 months (this definition was written on 2/13/05). it is a flash phenomenon sure to beat out all your base.
the song used in numa numa dance is entitled Dragostea Din Tea, sung by romanian pop group O-zone. killer.
by thegreatmonkey February 13, 2005

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