A pharmaceutical pain-killer, often referred to as tramadols, is a drug that promotes euphoria and induces drowsiness.
Hey man, if you didn't bring the nums last night, the concert would have been a lot less enjoyable.
by Nummie Monster April 17, 2011
Top Definition
anything particularly tasty.
grab me a donut, will you? that's a good num!
by oddkin January 13, 2005

1)When something is so damn tasty, that it's not worth wasting the energy on describing it.

2) When savouring something so fantastic, and wanting to tell all, this is the easy way to get your message across.

Person 1- How's that steak buddy?
Person 2- (mouthful/mid-chew) NUM!


Person 1- Num..Num...
Person 2- That good hey?
Person 1- NUM!
by P-master-T May 29, 2009
Slang term for kissing or making out.

Generally used with a form of "get."
I heard Cavender got nums on the ferris wheel last night!
by Dority Diapers April 10, 2011
The sound of nibbling on a bit of food or something else

See nom
MMMM This chicken is so good *num num*
by DJFlatline November 06, 2007
Nums is a word refering to a selection of food, alcohol, or sex. It does not have to mean actually having sex, but maybe making out or fooling around.
There's going to be nums at the party!

I need some nums.
by Liz_ard August 03, 2008
acronym for "nigga u mad"
I hit some guy in the face, then I was like "num"?
by smd6969 January 15, 2011
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