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A heroin addict, probably homeless and of yellow complexion.
"You filthy skaghead, get a job and stop lying about yo bitch of a girlfriend being pregnant"
by Frosty June 27, 2003
A person who remains very unique as his or her own individual in a very secretive way.
Man, she's such a ninjavidual. Look at the way she silently deals with OCD.

WOW ! His mysterious nature gives him an aura of ninjaviduality !
by Frosty August 16, 2003
A warning broadcasted by local television alerting residents of a dangerous surge in tomato production. Not to be confused with tornado sauce.
Our Doppler radar has picked up some strong agricultural disturbances, so a tomato watch has been put into effect. Watch your step, as tomato juice stains wreak havoc on suede.
by Frosty August 24, 2003
Based on the story of a young man of the same name who mistakingly cut off his own penis and his dog ate it.
I wish that guy who stole my girlfriend did a Guiver...
by Frosty October 25, 2004
N. the small hairs that protrude around a dingle, feeling fuzzy like that of a peach.
My brother was licking dingle fuzz all night long.
by Frosty May 29, 2004
being brown and sucking cock
one day kL decided to go homokL
by frosty August 11, 2003
You're a whore, you constantly have a dick in you
that hoe is phulaweenie
by Frosty February 18, 2003
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