What happens to something (or someone) that gets so utterly destroyed or blown up that, no matter what, cannot possibly be in any worse condition.

in other words, completely dicintigrated from existence.
player 1: dude, I used the shoop da whoop gun on it, and it disappeared.
player 2: u completely nuked it, dude.
by pr1nn13s September 07, 2009
Top Definition
When a underground file ripping crew purposely removes one or more archives of a release, rendering it useless.
*Nuked File* = I just downloaded 2 gigabytes for nothing, FUCK!
by I Just Juiced Your Fruit April 11, 2006
To be strong, muscularly fit, or in good shape.
Dude when I start going to the gym I'll be nuked!
by Turtle Mcfly March 20, 2014
Equivalent to strong, jacked, swoll, yolked, etc.
"Dude, there was this guy at the gym yesterday, who was totally nuked."
by FirePenguinDiscoPanda March 10, 2014
Predominantly applicable to alcoholics, amphetamine users and junkies.

Someone who is clearly permanently damaged from excessive drug abuse

Also known as Perma-Cooked
Deevon used to use for 6 years straight, that cunt is nuked.

Jenny used to thrash the pingers, she went full nuke.
by LsdP October 30, 2014
When you are stoned as fuck.
Dude, this shit is amazing. I am brain is fuckin nuked.
by Noxi December 01, 2015
to get drunk and sexy.
"This bar is sweaty and I'm having fun. Yeah, I'm on my way to being NUKED.
by morleystinkah June 20, 2010
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