Similar to marathon. To nuke is to watch a series back-to-back with the purpose of catching up on missed episodes in order to start watching them upon their scheduled release. Borders on obsessional behaviour.
Mister - I've just found out the new series of Flight of the Conchords is up to ep 6 already!

Missus - Mate! It's the shiznit! You'll have to nuke it.
by Ambercrombie and Felch February 27, 2009
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What you look like when your nude/naked
This is my nuke. That would be somebody saying that when their naked.
by Schneidelu February 24, 2005
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This party is nukin'
by clif1405 June 06, 2003
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In either a sequel or patch to an existing video game, this term is used to describe when the game developers weaken a skill, class, attack, character, item, or any other game element (ab)used by players in an attempt to balance the game, to the point of rendering said elements useless.
1. Sonic is WAY too fast in Brawl. They seriously need to nuke that shit.

2. Great...They nuked the most popular armor in the game. Now I have to find a way to get rid of all this junk sitting in my shop.

3. Valve nuked the Scout in the Source version of Counter-Strike. It was SO much better in 1.6.
by Sahrakk July 16, 2008
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1. (n) In TribalWars, a massive multiplayer online real-time strategy game, an attack consisting of all the available offensive troops in a village.

2. (v) In TribalWars, to send all available offensive troops in one village to attack another.
1. That guy attacked my friend, so I'm going to throw a nuke or two his way to teach him not to mess with my friends.

2. I'll nuke you if you dare to attack anyone in my tribe!
by Aether Nacola April 05, 2010
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a spliff with only tobacco at the beginning, the rest being purely marijuana.
Hey Einstein, how's that nuke comin?
by AdventrureCrew June 02, 2010
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To turn off an electrical appliance or device (esp. Computers or Tv's) by cutting its power; either by pulling the plug out of the socket or flipping the switch, instead of following standard procudure (running Shutdown, pushing the power button). Nuking can happen accidentally or deliberatly.

Oops, i just nuked my PC

Dude! you just nuked the TV! Turn it on turn it on!!
by John Pope March 30, 2006
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