To nuke someone is to get revenge on them by finding something so awful and embarrassing and disgusting about them and sharing it with gossipy girls and watching the damage ensue!
Markie was a little bitch and stole a girl from me just becaues I bought her candy, so I sent out a nuke on that retarded bastard and it worked. he won't get to rape any drunk freshmen anymore
by Name-42 September 10, 2006
a nuclear bomb chances are if you see one in real life, its probably gonna be the last thing you'll ever see
Bob: hey bill whats that in the sky

bill: i don't kno- *nuke explodes in mid-air instantly vaporizing bob and bill*
by instantdeath July 27, 2009
A hook-up that is so intense, it's of nuclear proportions.

Variations: Nuke it out; Nukin'

Caking, smashing, nailing, boning, etc. all have similar meanings, but none can match the intensity level associated with "nuking."
Paul: "Bro, did you ever end up gettin' with that bitch last night?"
Dan: "Dude. We nuked it out for the longest time, it was unbelievable. I'm gonna try and nuke her again later tonight..."
Paul: "Shit, man...I saw you guys cakin' it but I didn't think you'd actually nuke her."
by garhcSD January 16, 2011
1. a Navy term meaning "overthink" that implies you are thinking like a nuke (as defined in the second definition).
2. a person in the Navy, either enlisted or officer, who has had nuclear training and currently works in the field. These people require a higher pre-entrance testing score on their ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) and tend to be smarter than the average person in the Navy, and many times tend to lack common sense.
(for definition 1):
"Don't nuke it."
"You are nuking it."

(for definition 2):
"I just finished training as a nuclear electrician, so now I'm officially a nuke!"
"You're not technically a nuke, but you sure think like one."
"You're such a nuke!"
by Eric Switzern December 07, 2011
A word that refers to a Nuclear weapon itself or the action of attacking someone with a nuclear weapon.

Has come to be used in some MMORPG games to refer to attacking a monster with powerful magic spells.
1. Let's nuke the bastards!

2. Our Black Mage just nuked the crap out of that mob!
by Vespasian August 24, 2005
in MMORPGs, a 'nuke' is a ranged magic attack, usually dealing a good deal of damage. originally used in Everquest, the first 3d MMORPG. (not first mmorpg though)
WTF? that boss mob just nuked everything in the zone for 6000 damage!! >.<
a nuclear trained enlisted crew member of a submarine. Nukes are generally very intelligent with quick wit. They are extremely resourceful, playful, and notoriously lazy. They can usually be found thinking of ways to make fun of a coner or embarass an officer. Nukes receive extra pay (referred to as 'pro-pay') and bonuses for their training and this is a source of bad blood between them and coners.
Coner to Coner: "Man, I played Everquest for 6 hours last night while I was on duty. I'm just so tired now."
Nuke: "Shut the fuck up stupid coners, try working for a change on your duty day."
Coner to Nuke: "Quit cryin' nuke, that's why you get pro-pay!"
by frsu740 June 14, 2007
1. Nuke (noun, slang) - A Thermonulcear Weapon.

2. Nuke (verb, slang) - To attack a target with a Thermonuclear Weapon.

3. Nuke (verb, slang) - To cook food in a Microwave Oven.
1. The Enola Gay dropped a Nuke on Hiroshima.

2. The City of Hiroshima was Nuked.

3. I just nuked some leftovers for dinner.
by Imminent Storm August 22, 2005
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