Something extremely bad. Something that would usually be considered unforgivable or close to it.
(from SCRUBS)
JD: You'd have to do something nuclear...
by Doctor Dorian August 28, 2008
its a way of saying cool, but in the way of how people say the word bomb or the bomb.
since there are nuclear bombs.
Meta: "lets go get some ice cream!"
Gabi: "that sounds nuclear!"
by Meeeta December 02, 2007
A mass-destuction weapon, originally created to use as power source but military turned it into a weapon. U.S use 2 nuclear bomb (drop by airplane which meant to take out war-industry area in japan but missed and hit residents so they said) to end WW2. Later on, it become the "main" theat of the coldwar.

Nuclear seperate in 2 type:
A tactical nuclear:
A tactical nuclear can launch from artillery or small missle. It can also be detonate from a remote control or a timer. It design to take out military target such as target building/factory, a group of vehicles/armour/APC.
A strategic nuclear:
A strategic nuclear is a truely mass destuction weapon. The most advance strategic nuclear weapon is the ICBM or Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (that we know about, of cuz). It design for total destuction of lifes within the range. Even if you surrive the blast, the radiation that leave behind will probaly kill you and even you somehow surrive that too, the memories of the nuclear blast that you expericed will probaly make you went crazy and try to find cover when someone trun the light on.
Someone: "hmm.....should i find a reason to use the nuclear against middle-east or should i just ignore them and just use it...."
by MrFront March 04, 2005
An expression used to show randomness/weirdness of a situation, person, or thing.
Dude this restaurant is so nuclear.
A FUCKING awesome metal band that has not got alot of recognition

the real way they spell it is NUKELEAR
we put it like this so youcan find it easy
a band that sound like korn slipknot and alot of othermetal bands
by brad and blake July 23, 2003
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