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freshly-formed perky hot adolescent breasts @ 13-20 yrs old. a very pervy term. analogous to freshly-ripened fruit, ready for the pick'n -- maybe a little green. boobies, titties, breasts, mammas, boobs, tits, noobs. Pronounced "new-blees" OR "nub-lees."
Look at the irresistible nublies on that piece of jailbait from Wilmont High!
by 4banger November 06, 2008
An affectionate word someone uses to describe a partner as their love and being lovely at the same time. Commonly used while intoxicated due to the reduced amount of letters and impaired speech function. See nub.
(Leaning over a beer soaked bar table)...Girl, you are my nubly.
by STI Guy August 09, 2008
Variant of newby, newbish, newb-esque, n00bx0rz, nubisaurous rexzz. Meaning a singular newb, or the aspect of being a newb.
nubly ass f4g. OMFG
:O wut a nubly!!!11111`one
pwnd, nubly
by kasamayomama February 03, 2004