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A jesty way to call someone a newbie.

Correct misspelling of "newbie cake". Uber nubcaeks occassionally type it as "nubceak".
"Stop shooting at your team, nubcaek."
by SuddenFear June 27, 2004
a cake made of noobs; a very noobish person
omgz yuo aer t3h nubcaekzz D:
by collin November 27, 2003
Pronounced nub-ka-ek, nubcaek means the same thing as a noob except it's bit more degrading
I beat him 5 times in a row, he's such a nubcaek
by Rajiv K April 21, 2006
a bad noob
oh noes they haev nubcaeks!!11 F4! F4!
by Fatality_ June 18, 2004
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