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a cake made of noobs; a very noobish person
omgz yuo aer t3h nubcaekzz D:
by collin November 27, 2003
means anything you want
Hey, what have you been up to?
-Not much, just crizankin
by Collin May 31, 2004
Taylor and Collin's word for extremely pimpin word.

or cool
Dude thats pimpskizzle
by Collin February 26, 2005
you know what it means.
"Oh man, when that fat kid did a cart wheel, i could see his kukermonger."
by Collin January 15, 2004
party habitat (n) An area designated for activities of a partayish nature, usually found at collin o'brien's house. Can also be used for a party in which dan hochberg is dancing and singing along to "oops i did it again" by himself.
Hey! Party habitat guys!
by collin November 18, 2003
Smoking the Cum Pipe, while being anally raped in the ass.
When Collin is back in Depew, he and his Uncles do the Congo.
by Collin March 28, 2003
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