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A small boner, usually one that resembles something knobby.
"I was going to hit that until she saw my nub chub."
by Jake Adams October 22, 2007

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A nubchub is a short fat thing or person. It is similar to a stub, which is a lump, except round on top and flat on bottom, like a cylinder but round on top. Nubchubs are fatter than nubs or stubs. Nubchubs are also considered short fat people, under 5'6" and over 250lbs.
Ex #1:

Alana: Look at that guy over there!
Eve: Yeah hes so short!
Alana: Fat too!
Eve: He looks like a stub.
Alana: Yeah a fat stub.
Eve: Hes a Nub Chub!

Ex #2:

May: Aww, that silly band looks like a nub!
Thadius: That silly band is just a "D" turned on its flat side.
May: It is sooo a nub.
Thadius: Nooo.

May: Your right its not a nub, its a nubchub!
Thadius: Whatever........
by lanamay7123 August 30, 2010
A combination of the words noob and chobo. Used mainly by one who emerges victorious keeps calm while the opponent flames.
victorious player: gg nub chub ^^
by ctrl-z October 07, 2004