the new terror crew. gang uniform is a trail of dribble running down their chin and a gormless expression at all times
oh no the ntc are about, let's tell our little brothers to run for their lives
by did you know that March 06, 2008
Top Definition
Spanish for "No te creas" meaning just kidding
person1: ¡Eres una puta! (You're a whore!)
person2: ?
Person1: ntc =D
by chozodian May 11, 2009
National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA It is the largest US Army desert warfare training area. It is located in the Mojave desert. Most Soldiers that go to Ft Irwin hate it and is considered to be one of the hated places to train at.
Men we just got fucked. We're going on a NTC rotation.
by TNIYM August 28, 2010
Acronym: 'Not That Cool'

"I finally met her family last weekend and they were all awesome... except her brother was NTC."

***While this may not be a very imaginative or original acronym/expression, it is actually quite handy for talking down on people without carrying around a whole lot of social liability -- a politely subtle way of saying someone sucks, if you will.***
by Evan_Exempt April 29, 2009
Abbreviation - nothing to clean. It's often used in games to notify the other player that you visited them, but coudn't find anything to clean.
Hey. I stopped by but there is ntc. I'll come back later.
by Jezstar May 10, 2011
Naked Touching Corner

A place where people sneak off to at a party to hook up.

"Did you see Kelly and Austin sneak away to the NTC??"
by onlyinyourdreamslol February 26, 2009
New To Code

New to coding

or newtocode.com
<John0> what is php?
<steve1> wtf
<Mike2> steve1, John0 is NTC
by KyleZ May 06, 2008
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