Nuts to Butts
We just moved into a smaller office...we're NTB in here!
by illini25 July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Internet Shortform:

Not Too Bad
How you doing?

ntb thanks
by mode_seven February 04, 2005
No Text Back
"Yeah I asked him but he totally gave me the NTB. Awkward city."
by yellowpager35 March 18, 2010
not too bright. when u or someone does something that is just not the smartest move. often its yourself or a friend who just did something really dumb yet they aren't normally dumb. kind of like a blonde moment if u will.
dude, u just wiped out in the middle of the street and broke the heel on your shoe in front of that hottie u were trying to impress. totally NTB.
by tcav October 22, 2014
not that bad
you see a sexy guy and he walks by and you say "ntb"
by SEXXYYYGURLLL101~~~~lol December 12, 2009
"Not to brag"

When you say something you did that was super awesome, but don't want to be a total cocky dick about it, you say this. Just to let people know what you did was great, but you're not too arrogant about it.
Person 1: "Yesterday, I had a shitty day."

Person 2: "Yesterday, I had an amazing day. NTB."

Person 1: "... Damn."
by bflooooo September 29, 2011
Needed to be said.
Of course she look fat in those jeans! ...I'm sorry, ntbs!
by Jessica (J-sika) April 24, 2011

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