"NO TIME BOO" (NTB) which means that the girlfriend in the relationship has no time to spend with her boyfriend (aka boo).
Hey can we go fo din 2night ma?

Sorry no time boo! (NTB)
by Jennifer & Sunita Bassra August 29, 2007
Top Definition
Internet Shortform:

Not Too Bad
How you doing?

ntb thanks
by mode_seven February 04, 2005
not too bright. when u or someone does something that is just not the smartest move. often its yourself or a friend who just did something really dumb yet they aren't normally dumb. kind of like a blonde moment if u will.
dude, u just wiped out in the middle of the street and broke the heel on your shoe in front of that hottie u were trying to impress. totally NTB.
by tcav October 22, 2014
"Not to brag"

When you say something you did that was super awesome, but don't want to be a total cocky dick about it, you say this. Just to let people know what you did was great, but you're not too arrogant about it.
Person 1: "Yesterday, I had a shitty day."

Person 2: "Yesterday, I had an amazing day. NTB."

Person 1: "... Damn."
by bflooooo September 29, 2011
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