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Similar to tl;dr
nrt = not reading that
2: omg lol nrt
by Michhellerzz March 31, 2008
Not Repairable This Station. Origin: Military. Used in everyday speak to denote something that's really broken. Said as a word (pronounced: nertzed).
Dude, sweet bail but your arm is definately NRTS'd.
by Dude Project February 25, 2011
A place where dildos (dildæ in some dialects) are made. I.E a dildo factory.
My math teacher works part time at the nrt on broad street.
by bauB July 10, 2008
abbrieviation for the feared Nevil Road Terror Squad
who rule northern parts of Brighton and Hove
mate leg it it's the NRTS!
by G & T April 23, 2008
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