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A Finnic language spoken in central Europe (mostly in The Republic of Hungary) by about 15 million speakers.

The fact that Magyar is classified as Finnic is due to its use of vowel harmony, the tendency to string words together and the overall similarities to other Finnic languages such as Finnish (Suomi), Estonian (Eesti), and Võro (Võro).

Magyar is known to contain some very long words made up of many suffixes such as, "Legeslegmegszentségtelenítethetetlenebbeiteknek"
meaning roughly "For those of you who it was the very least possible to have defiled".

Magyar may also be used as an adjective used in reference to someone of Hungarian ethnicity.
There's a magyar deli downtown.

Istok speaks magyar quite fluently.
by bauB July 10, 2008
Any bizarre, outlandish fetish. Usually a periox is an act of sodomy such as bestiality.

For instance:
Shemale fetishes
Foot fetishes
Sock fetishes
guy-analing-horse fetishes

are all considered to be perioxes whereas

granny fetishes
black guy & asian girl fetishes

are not perioxes.
-Dude Dave loves to watch women menstruate!
-What the hell? What kind of periox is that?

by bauB June 15, 2008
A place where dildos (dildæ in some dialects) are made. I.E a dildo factory.
My math teacher works part time at the nrt on broad street.
by bauB July 10, 2008
A homosexual person with an obsession with looking at gay pornography. Homophiles are generally very over-sexual and make it very apparent that they're gay.

From Norwegian "Homofile" meaning "gay".
Dude, Dylan is such a homophile. He wants to cum in my bellybutton.

Chris told me during English he wants to lick my nipples then cover me in ranch dressing... what a homophile!
by bauB June 10, 2008

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