One of the bestest radios one can get in Paris
101.5 baby time fer the novamix
by Asp April 14, 2004
The suburban area radiating outward from Washington, D.C. Low-density housing on large plots of useless land consisting of man-made ponds and neighborhoods that boast names like Fair Oaks, Cedar Lakes, Penderbrook, Willow Landing, and etc. The region has some of the best public transportation in the U.S., but the residents of the area feel too entitled to utilize it, causing some of the worst traffic in the nation. In NOVA, there are no "Main Streets" - merely 4-laned highways full of 5-minute redlights at every intersection. Aside from Arlington, the area houses mostly families or married couples. Finding an individual who is willing to have a non-hostile conversation with you in NOVA is very difficult, as the NOVA resident species is very unfriendly. Scientists have proven that NOVA is the worst place on Earth.
"Welcome to NOVA, you fucking cock-sucking bitch, get used to it or get the fuck out of here."
by Pseudonym141 January 21, 2012
Small scuttery little Vauxhall car from 1983-93. Was probably quite good at the time, but nowadays most Novas have been modded to the hilt with a colossal sound system, stupid fins, and stupid chavvy drivers. Choice car of townies. Almost always seen in white.

Replaced in 1993 by the Corsa. This is partly because "Nova" is Spanish for "it doesn't go", which is apt to many badly modded Novas.
Wouldn't it be amusing to have an interesting and ironic Nova Race round the streets of Wycombe? No modifications allowed, booming sound systems compulsory.
by KHD May 16, 2004
short for "No Value Added"

A coworker or classmate whose help either doesn't progress the project or creates more work for others.
Jim wrote the section on video conferencing but it is so incoherent and full errors. The dude's a NoVA.
by davepilot April 08, 2011
To threaten, To annoy.

Nova is an idiot who threatend to bomb an oracle convention when they refused his "press pass" made from cardboard and sticky-back-plastic.

Note for future reference: Dont threaten, Nova!.
Gentoo should scrap

emerge --pretend

and use

emerge --novamode
by R0bin May 05, 2004
NOVA where the n stands for nowledge (the K is silent), we are rich, drive nice cars, and do whatever the hell it is that we want.
Northern VA Community College, the cars in da parkin lot are worth more than your house!!
by FUXNUT February 17, 2004
A mediocre science show thats on every tuesday at 8. My dad watches it.
I'm watching Nova now.
by Zach G. October 28, 2003
A public television show that I watched when I wanted to go to sleep. I think it was about space. But it could have been about pizza.
"Hey, did you catch Nova last night ?"

"Yup, slept like a baby."
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003

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