A board that used to be good before a total nutter bought it and threatened to sue everyone
Nova boards used to be cool
by Nay January 22, 2004
Top Definition
Nova Boards was once my home away from home. The best site it ever go to. Until Jacko bought it for $25,000 and is turning it in to a anti-teen place. Feeding off the 1,000,000 hits they get a month, Jack will probably turn it in to a porn site.
Nova Boards use to be cool
by Ayumi January 23, 2004
a teen message board that once was a great online growing teen community. turned into a piece of worthless shit when an asshole named Jack took over, and now is known for its sluts and hos that parade in and out of novaadults.com
When Jackass took over Nova, it became a piece of worthless shit
by SharonChick January 21, 2004
The sad leftovers of a once great and grand community. Now overrun by the lying, fire breathing minions of a tyrannical dictator, Nova has completely turned upside down. Rights are trampeled on, freedom of speech is limited (censorship), and one word of treason against JACKass is worthy of a ban.
Careful where you tread, it may SEEM like Nova is active, but it's only a ghost town.
by Sarah January 22, 2004
a hell hole run by hitler himself, Jacko the wacko.
Jack bought nova boards for $25 000 to fuck it all up
by jazzberri January 21, 2004
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