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Notbook (n.) -- An affordable ultraportable laptop, typically with a 11.6-inch or 12-inch display that is not a netbook. It packs more power than a netbook (i.e. can handle 1080p video and Flash at fullscreen) and provides a more comfortable computing experience than the typical, 10-inch underpowered, shrunken Atom-based laptop. Most do not have optical drives, but do last for over five hours on a charge. Unlike pricey ultraportable laptops, notbooks are more affordable and start at around $400.
Shontellnique- "Girl, i think my weave comin' undone again, can you see my tracks?!"

Obamaniqua- "Mhmmm, I told ya ass not to go to the Dominican weave sto'. And dat shit look like horsehair! Where you put the glue?!"

Shontellnique- "Its right there next to my notbook i got fa free99."
by thomas323 January 31, 2011
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