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The time after leaving a club or event (usually involving large amounts of drinking) when one gets fast food in the form of burgers, kebabs or chips, from a nearby van or shop.
Just left the club, pretty wasted, need some food, it's Burger o'clock!!
by voodoo_mongrel May 14, 2009
frape involving causing the victim to join the Facebook group "I have not had Sex with a goat" so that when they correct this people will be notified that they have left the group " I have not had sex with a goat"... (for those of you not getting this that will imply they have now had sex with a goat)
A: Oh i see on facebook you've recently engaged in relations with a goat
B:WHAT- oh shit, i didn't realise when i left that group
A: Haha you got totally goat fraped
by voodoo_mongrel July 29, 2009
The quality of being likeable not only in spite of but because of a lack of charisma- ie a person is well-liked because they are non-threatening and a little bit useless.

Much like a three-legged puppy- it may be annoying and fairly useless but you can't help loving it.
Why is that guy so well-liked, he's such a loser?
That's why. He's got a massive anticharisma
by voodoo_mongrel July 29, 2009
When girl tries to make a guy be emotional by making him watch The Notebook, but it utterly fails because the film is incredibly predictable with a single sad thing which it milks to death. Frankly there are many much sadder films out there.
My girlfriend tried to make me open up my feelings by getting me to watch The Notebook, but that shit didn't work on me, i was completely Notbooked.
by voodoo_mongrel July 20, 2009
Variation on the popular drinking game ring of fire where the cards are blu-tacced to a nearby wall, most face down but a few face-up to add in some tactics in aiming.
Participants must draw cards by knocking them down with the use of projectiles (shoes work particularly well).

In the event of failure to knock down a card a drinking penalty is required.
If multiple cards are knocked down at once the rules/games associated with all knocked down cards must be enforced/played.
A: lets get wasted
B: OK, set up the Wall Of Fire!!
by voodoo_mongrel July 20, 2009

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