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describing getting ones cock (or vagina) sucked by a girl/boy who performed the oral sex 'with all her heart & soul' and made a right meal of it. Cant get enough of cock sex...

Derivative from 'Nosh', British slang for food.
Pauline gave me a right good proper 'noshing' last night, she swallowed the lot

i was up late last night getting a good 'noshing' from the Mrs

She looks horny, i bet she well loves a good noshing
by SCoupland July 05, 2006
A Northern slang refering to a blowjob
girls like noshing boys off
by hellonbrooklyn November 14, 2012
A polite word for masterbation, often used by 12 year old boys.
"Oh yeah, I was noshing yesterday night in the bath; it was like a submarine!"
by Luckcock July 16, 2008
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