"disease carrier" or "plague bearer" is correct in most respects, but I believe it is more correct to think of nosferatu as "bringer of darkness".
The nosferatu has brought upon us a great sickness.
by Carventine August 10, 2006
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Amazing 1922 German silent film about the vampire, Nosferatu. There has never been a more frightening portrayal of a vampire than in that film. The movie RULES!!!!!
"What do you think is the creepiest vampire movie?"
"Without a doubt, Nosferatu (1922)
by industrialfan71 February 21, 2008
Translates as "night creature", and can refer to any creature of the night; werewolves, zombies, vampires, demons, etc.

When used for vampires, it usually refers to the more grotesque breed (such as the creature from the original silent film "Nosferatu"), as opposed to the more popularized, handsome breed (such as the vampires from "Interview with the Vampire").
The Nosferatu will soon turn the young maiden into one of his own.
by Nosferatu June 20, 2003
from latin nox (night) and fero (to bring/to carry). basically, a bringer/carrier of night. usually refered to vampires.
a vampire is a nosferatu.
by never_me April 29, 2005
Means disease carrier and over time has become deluded and turned into Creature of the Night simply because Bram Stoker didn't give any clues as to what it meant In the Novel Dracula
"You in time, when you had died, would have become Nosferatu as they call it in Eastern Europe and would all time make more of those Un-Deads that so have fill us with horror"
by ,,|, February 16, 2010
A person who craves and drinks the energy drink NOS like a vampire craves and drinks blood.

-Person may or may not be of Native American descent.
Knowing he was about to expire, NOSferatu pulled himself along the floor toward the cooler; for his salvation lay submerged within, chilled to perfection. It is only 7:01pm, and there is much work yet to be done...indubitably.
by RoneNeffect November 19, 2012
It means "disease carrier." Not "Creature of the night." It is not latin, it is Slavonic.
Stooopid person: "Nosferatu" means "creature of the night"!!!! ROFLOLWTFBBQ
Smart person: No, it means "disease carrier." You are dumb.
by Not a stooopid person October 08, 2005
(in Fire Emblem for Gameboy Adavance)
Dark Magic spell that drains health into the character using it.
A Shaman on the other side just might pose a problem for you if he posesses Nosferatu.
by Light Joker April 16, 2004

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