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an affectionate term for the students of The School of St Helen and St Katharine, and in most cases not at all relevant, as most are not hell raisers and many are not cats.
the abingdon boys dig those crazy helkats
by genius May 25, 2003
An individual who is new to the act or atmosphere of a particular activity, including PC games.
"f4660t n00b3rt 1 r l337
by Genius December 27, 2003
If someone is "taldo" then they are the most attractive person that he or she comes in contact with, also if your the "taldo" of your group you most likely have a better chance of getting layed. Someone who is randomly named or nicknamed "taldo" is 99% of the time superior to the person who gave him or her that name and his friends.
The fine boy with the titanic ballsack to go along with his extra long penis was the taldo of the bunch.
by Genius June 18, 2006
wasting time. doing what you ought not be doing.
Dad: What is all this "farting around?" I asked you to rake the leaves 4 hours ago!
Kids: Sorry, we had to finish our Playstation 2 game!
by Genius October 28, 2003
a not so affectionate term for the students of Abingdon boys' school, referring to their appearance and general character flaws, for example, uncalled-for arrogance. there are a few students at abingdon school who do not qualify as scabingdons, however.
you most probably won't want to go out with a scabingdon boy
by genius May 25, 2003
possibly the most boring town in britain, despite the historic buildings, since their interest has been cancelled out by the abominable "precinct" a revoltingly seventies concrete structure which smells of B.O on saturdays.
you really don't want to visit abingdon
by genius May 25, 2003
what the students of the manor preparatory school in abingdon are called by st helen's girls, especially the ones on our buses. the term generally implies a loud squeaky voice which is expelled by a small, rich, blonde nine year old who refuses point-blanc to behave.
there's a really annoying manorite on my bus, actually, come to think of it, there's lots of them
by genius May 25, 2003

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