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gracefully dipping your nose into one's vagina
i went nose diving with spencer's mom last night
by spencer's dad September 10, 2005
1. To rapidly and steadly down-grade one's own motivation and progress in anything relating to life. Eg. fucking up or losing in life.
2. The event in which an airborne object front-end(line-of-vision) first descends toward the earth.
3. Actively snorting cocaine on a regular daily basis. Snorting cocaine with addiction.
I don't nose-dive anymore.
That man has been nose-diving since he quit his job and ain't working.
His frisbee toss took a nose-dive into the mac and cheese dish at the barbeque.
by itsallgood May 08, 2005
The act of pleasuring a female (usually in a penetrative manor) using the nose.

When a male/female uses their nose to stimulate the clitoris/prostate of another male/female.
"Ben's large nose was incredible for the occasional nose dive."

"My nose diving technique really gets the girls excited."

"I love it when my boyfriend nose dives, it makes me so aroused."
by BSAMH69 January 06, 2014
When you bob for chunks of corn in a bucket of diahrea. Extra points for piece that end up in your nose.
"Mom We're all out of apple."
"Nose Diving is fun, try that."
by Spanky Lou June 04, 2003
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