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1. To rapidly and steadly down-grade one's own motivation and progress in anything relating to life. Eg. fucking up or losing in life.
2. The event in which an airborne object front-end(line-of-vision) first descends toward the earth.
3. Actively snorting cocaine on a regular daily basis. Snorting cocaine with addiction.
I don't nose-dive anymore.
That man has been nose-diving since he quit his job and ain't working.
His frisbee toss took a nose-dive into the mac and cheese dish at the barbeque.
by itsallgood May 08, 2005
Mascot, friend, face, and loyal of the greatest collegiate athletics programs, and morale for The Ohio State University.
Ladies faint in his presence and the city of Columbus honors him.
Should be automic winner of Capital One's Mascot of the Year Contest during the NCAA college football season.
Brutus Buckeye is friends with Bill Bradske.
by itsallgood May 08, 2005
One who is disliked for the practice of their own horrible display of want-to-be talent.
Dissed to your face and not recognizing it.
Jeff ain't smooth at spades, he's a sucker emcee.
Ja Rule has always been a sucker emcee.
by itsallgood May 08, 2005

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