place iN $aN Jo where da hardezt muthafuckaz $tay. alzo kNowN az da Nortoriouz NORTH $ide
where u 4rm vato
NORTH $ide $aN Jo watz up homeboy
by N$$J RYDA 408 April 25, 2005
Top Definition
eastside? hell no.
westside? hell no.
northside? oh yeah!
my dawg santa
by Brendan November 12, 2003
north of the center.

Usually describes an area of a city.

the north side of a town

the north side of a building

the north side of a campus

the north side of my balls
by hojhiiiohfosd March 09, 2008
1. the Northsiders, a hispanic gang from northern California better known as Nortenos
2. The northern neighborhoods of an urban area, e.g Northside Chicago, Northside Dublin, Northside Denver
I'm from the northside nigga
by Bobby Jack Shit Handler July 24, 2008
A clan originating from Brampton Ontario. Real small clan consisting of people from all nationalities, promised to be tight till the end. Uses a hand sign consisting of putting the ring finger down on the left hand and joining the tips of the pinky and middle finger to spell out "N" as in north side. Usually North Side people don't start beef, but when people start beefing, that's when North Side fights back.

North Side homie, I'll always have your back.
by J-Dynasty June 21, 2009
the part of dublin on the northside of the river. implies poverty, shiny tracksuits, tacky bling, and teen pregancy.
whoa, check those northside knackers. your one is up the duff.
by chi town chica March 15, 2005
refers to the northern part of america where it is cold. just refers to cold in general.
"Damn, it's North Side out there, get a jacket." "I love living North Side, it always snows."
by Cristen Sharie' January 11, 2009
Known as the most affluent section of Chicago, Illinois, with a rich history and a diverse network of neighborhoods. General geographic boundaries are Lake Michigan on the east, the Loop on the south, the north branch of the Chicago River on the west and Evanston, Illinois on the north (though these are contested). Home to Wrigley Field, DePaul University and Lincoln Park. Undoubtedly among the most prosperous and vibrant urban areas of the United States.
1. "North Side yuppies don't generally venture south of Roosevelt Road."

2. "When I visit Chicago, I stay on the North Side."

3. "The red line is the best way to get around when you're partying on the North Side."
by mycrows March 17, 2011
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